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This isn’t Kansas January 13, 2009

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She packs a shoddy bag and covers a broken heart,
Her ruby slippers weathered and dull.

Heels bent and broken from acid sidewalks,

Her scarecrow; burnt and scattered to the winds.

Her lion hunted down and mounted.

And her tin man, of no further use,

recycled into bumpers for 69 buicks.

Nemesis now immune to water,

The monkey celebrates the demise
of innocence and Technicolor dreams


gallery of my Digital art December 28, 2008

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Writers block radio May 10, 2008

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Writers Block Radio, everything the writer needs and more


Each of us May 4, 2008

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Each man, and each woman is worthy of ascension,

Is worthy of the fulfillment of their dreams.


However, we must want it, strive for it, and work to achieve it.


Let those who would stifle your course, and destroy your compass…

Let those thoughts and those perpetrations be damned.


Nevertheless, let us Love them for their views, and respect them for their fervor,

For in their minds they are just.


Who am I, who are we to determine who is right or wrong?

We can each of us, only determine our own paths with the knowing that is laid before us in the present.


My knowledge as a child was not that of when I became a man.

My knowledge now will not be that of when my tooth lengthens and I become gray.


Opinions will always fall just as the rains,

Frequent and torrential.


It is up to each to weather the rains, and ascend green towers,

To harvest our dreams, to attain our fulfillments,


Each of us. 



Nirvanasgate podcast #1 April 24, 2008

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Nirvanasgate Podcast 31


The Man you left behind April 20, 2008

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I am not the man that you left behind.
That you left to cold rooms and empty cupboards.

I am not the one who sent you on your way.
You left of your own volition,

The alcohol,
Pulling upon your strings much stronger than I ever could.

I remember crouching upon the floor
Weeping for you,
Weeping for us.

But Knowing,
That little voice inside my head saying,
“All will be OK, all is well.”

I reeled in self pity,
I reeled in dreams and thoughts of playing in traffic…

I crumbled neath the weight of it all…

But I rose, like a flower in spring,
refreshed, renewed, stronger than the year before.

I healed and forgot, somewhat…

I am not the man you left behind.
I am the man that you never should have had.

I am the man with a heart that could have been yours forever,
That would have died for you.

But now,
You are just a wisp of a memory,
The fleeting stench of odor.

I am not the man that you left behind,
A life full of blessings has blown in,
And cleared the memory, the pain of,

Farewell and blessings,
May you find your healing,

May you find your sobriety,
May you find your serenity,

It did not lie with me,
And never will,

Farewell to one I once loved
But nevermore.



1wandering poet April 14, 2008

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1wandering poet